Loyalty programs foster relationships with profitable customers who consistently return to businesses. While in-house programs require significant on going resources, PokitPal delivers a simple, digital solution with no risk or upfront costs.

With more than 250,000 Australian PokitPal users, our loyalty and payment platform not only provides a risk free loyalty program, but also markets your business through the popular, location-aware PokitPal app.

Every dollar spent at your business earns customers reward points to be used only at your business. Attractive rewards encourage customers to spend more and return more. While users maximise points, businesses gain a more profitable customer base.

Zero Risk, Zero Set Up

Our loyalty program is risk free with a flat fee being charged only when a customer pays with their PokitPal Debit MasterCard. For a limited time, there are no joining costs.

PokitPal technology reports from your existing point of sale so no additional hardware or software is required.


We provide valuable information on your customers’ buying patterns and habits so that you can make smarter business decisions.

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Create your reward voucher in minutes, with three simple steps. Join 5,000+ locations already on the PokitPal network!