How Do I Get Rewarded?

Becoming a free premium PokitMoney member means you’ll get even more rewards and savings on your PokitPal journey. You will continue to access all the same great savings of PokitPal, but on top you’ll unlock offers for big brands such as Coles, Hoyts, EB Games and Rebel Sport, as well as local offers based on your spending and activity.

The first step is to apply for your PokitPal Debit Mastercard. This is a free account for students and is simply a Debit Card. You won’t find yourself in debt or paying ridiculous fees. Our Debit Mastercard links directly to the app which means every time you use it for purchases; you’ll be getting rewarded for your loyalty.

It doesn’t have to replace your usual bank (although it easily can), it’s there for you to use, as you wish – more banks, more options.

There are two really easy ways to get rewarded. eGiftCards allow you to shop as you normally would-but you’ll use eGiftcards that you’ve pre-purchased at a discounted rate. These are sent straight to your phone in seconds!

On top of this, Loyalty and Reward Points accumulate in your app every time you purchase at a PokitPal partner, so you’re always working your way towards cashing those points in for amazing rewards (free stuff).


You simply pre-purchase an eGiftCard at a discounted rate through the PokitPal app and we deliver the electronic gift card, for the full amount, straight to your phone. The difference between the cost of the voucher and the value of the voucher is a saving to you. There’s nearly 20 retailers choose from. When you visit the retailer, simply present the eGiftCard mobile voucher stored in your phone and the payment comes straight off the card. No one even knows you didn’t pay full price.

Depending on the discount, you can get up to 30% off the eGiftcard. For instance, buy a Hoyts eGiftCard to cover the cost of your $22 movie and pay only $16. Or buy an EB eGiftCard that’s worth $50, but only pay $45 (plus $0.90 service fee). You can spend that eGiftCard on whatever you want (even for buying physical vouchers for presents). It’s the gift(card) that keeps on giving.

See how eGiftCards Reward work here.

Loyalty and Rewards

Businesses love to see your happy, smiling face again and again. Each time you purchase with your PokitPal Debit Mastercard, you accrue points that are sent instantly to your app. This is the loyalty bit! Check in your app and view how many points you’ve accrued at each business and note the rewards available. Then you can cash your points in for your freebie, when you feel like it. This is the reward bit! You’re literally getting something for nothing.

Say you go to the Sky Bar on Thursday nights with your mates. Buy a drink and burger might give you 1,000 points. When you go the next Thursday and pay with your card, you score another 1,000 points and you might decide to cash those points in for something extra like free chips or a drink. Or, you could continue to build your points and exchange them for a larger reward-like a free meal instead. You are the controller of your destiny.

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