PokitPal Local

After ten years in student and backpacker deals, PokitPal was harassed in to expanding in to the professional market. Students were graduating, entering the professional world, but still wanted to continue their savings journey with PokitPal - I mean, who actually chooses to pay full price?

In 2016, PokitPal Local was born. PokitPal Local is about community heart and spirit and helping everyone beat together in time. It’s about businesses providing cost savings to their neighbours and locals contributing to thriving local business.

PokitPal Local is launching in Greater NSW in 2016 and 2017. Our very first region is the diverse Campbelltown region, soon to be followed by the Camden and Macquarie regions. PokitPal Local provides deals on food and drinks, health and beauty, home improvements, car maintenance and more. So use PokitPal discounts to not only save your hard earned cash, but to contribute to the strength of local businesses in your community.

PokitPal Local – Delivering Deals, Connecting Communities