More Rewards, More Savings

Access big savings every day with PokitMoney. It’s free to join and you’ll enjoy Points, Cashbacks and Rewards!

It’s instantly synched with your PokitPal Debit MasterCard. No planning or waiting, just take your saving to a new level.


Thanks PokitPal, saved $128.50 within my first month

THOMAS Adelaide

Loving PokitPal, that is all.

BREE Sydney

Points hitting your phone when you buy is heaps fun.

JESS Adelaide

What is PokitMoney?

PokitMoney is a premium service from PokitPal, offering exclusive rewards via a PokitPal Debit MasterCard that is synched with your PokitPal app.


Get your PokitPal Debit MasterCard for free with no monthly account fees for students.


It’s super easy to apply online in minutes or visit any Bendigo Bank branch.


It’s like making money. Spend with our partners to get instant points, discounts and free rewards.


Why do I need to join a bank account?

Given the delay of Apple Pay hitting Australian shores, we partnered with Bendigo Bank to create a seamless connection between partners and users. Simply tap and pay with your PokitPal Debit MasterCard to receive instant savings, points and rewards from PokitPal merchants, direct to your app. The cashier won’t even know you are getting discounts or points. It’s a little secret between you, your money and the app!


What if I already have a bank account that isn’t with Bendigo Bank?

The PokitPal Debit MasterCard is available exclusively for Bendigo Bank customers. Access to these exclusive savings and rewards is quick and easy – simply open a Bendigo Student Account online and order your PokitPal Debit MasterCard to start saving today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I score a PokitPal Debit MasterCard?

Apart from no monthly account fees from Bendigo Bank the card is dedicated to providing student loyalty and rewards. Enjoy seriously good discounts, rewards and benefits from major brands. Think of it as a premium PokitPal membership which costs you zero and gives you so much more.

How do I order my PokitPal Debit MasterCard?

You can apply online in minutes through the “Apply Now” button or alternatively visit any Bendigo Bank branch across Australia. Once you have applied, your card will be mailed to you within 3-5 working days.

How do I access premium PokitMoney offers?

When you receive your PokitPal Debit MasterCard in the post you will need to link your card with the PokitPal app. This allows you to access all the premium discounts and rewards! Visit “Link Card” in the PokitMoney section of the app to enter your card details.

Is there a cost for a PokitPal Debit MasterCard?

No cost and you get so much more. Through our banking partners Bendigo Bank you will be provided with a student account which has no monthly account fees and access to a large FREE ATM network. Free withdrawals are available at 1,500 ATMs Australia wide including Bendigo Bank and Suncorp ATMs.

How do I load money into my account?

After applying for your card you will be provided with a BSB and Account Number at Bendigo Bank. You can transfer money into this account online or alternatively visit any Bendigo Bank branch and lodge the money directly.

How do I manage my funds?

Your PokitPal Debit MasterCard funds are managed through Bendigo Bank internet banking. You can take the link directly from the PokitMoney section or download the Bendigo e-banking app and login with your details.

Can I use my PokitPal Debit MasterCard anywhere?

The PokitPal Debit MasterCard is accepted worldwide wherever the MasterCard logo is displayed and can also be used for online purchases.

How secure is my financial information with PokitPal?

Your funds are secured with Bendigo Bank who provide 24/7 fraud monitoring. PokitPal does not store your PokitPal Debit MasterCard details, these are tokenised and secured with PCI compliant partners/affiliates.

What is MySavings?

The PokitPal Debit MasterCard works together with your PokitPal app, smart right? Your cumulative savings are recorded in MySavings to show you how much money you are saving and where you have scored discounts.

What if I am not a student?

As long as you are 16+ you can apply for, and use a PokitPal Debit MasterCard. If you are a current student there no monthly bank account fees from Bendigo Bank. As a non student or student that has finishing in the future, you can still use the card for banking and discounts however you may have to pay the standard monthly bank account fee. If you are not a student please apply for your PokitPal Debit MasterCard by calling Bendigo Bank customer service on 1300 236 344.

What if I already have a bank account?

The PokitPal Debit MasterCard doesn’t have to replace your existing bank account. Think of it as an additional card giving you access to exclusive savings and rewards. For students there are no monthly account fees, just savings! Simply load money from your existing bank account into your PokitPal Debit MasterCard linked account and start saving!

How do I unlink my card?

To remove your card details from PokitMoney, simply email info@pokitpal.com including the email address associated with your PokitPal app account.

You should consider whether or not this product is appropriate for you. This product is issued by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank AFSL 237879. Please consider your situation and read the Terms and Conditions, available online at www.bendigobank.com.au/disclosure-documents, before making a decision. Eligibility criteria applies. MasterCard and the MasterCard brand are registered trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated.