PokitPal is a result driven organisation that continually delivers sales far beyond the expectations of clients. Our eight years experience in loyalty and youth engagement means that we can shape campaigns and/or offers that deliver results time and time again.

Throughout our time in the “game”, we have delivered many successful student advertising campaigns for national business, marketing agencies and local businesses who all have one thing in common – wanting to attract the youth demographic. Businesses no longer have to target students at each student institution, or waste dollars in blanket coverage. PokitPal can provide targeted national or region/city specific campaigns through it’s one stop shop. Check out some of our testimonials below. If you want to see what our users think, click here .

Hungry Jack's released a mobile voucher to the PokitPal network - with great success. Communicating with students on a national basis is important, and the PokitPal service helped us to achieve our results through digital channels.

Joe O'Keefe, Brand Manager - Hungry Jack's

Student Flights ran a consumer promotion through PokitPal targeting students during O-Week. Our objective was database growth and we were delighted with the of entries and new subscribers received through the competition, as well as the ongoing high level of engagement the PokitPal users have with our brand.

Pamela Olah, Digital Marketing Executive - Student Flights

PokitPal has such an engaged audience and with such a result-driven team, it has exceeded our expectations and proves to be an outstanding digital channel for AMF.

Nicholas Esdaile-Watts, Digital Marketing and Loyalty Executive - AMF Bowling Centres | M9 Laser Skirmish

PokitPal and its associated smart phone app has been the single most important tool in building our loyal student patronage. Groups utilising PokitPal stay longer, engage in more transactions and spend more per head. PokitPal have paved the way for us to establish the hotel as the go to pub for uni students.

Sam Thomas, Licensee - The Austral Hotel

We've been part of PokitPal for more than 3 years now and we know that our student customers love it. The repeat business with the app is amazing!

Jo Morris – Grill’d

PokitPal brought our reach up to a new level with the implementation of their app. As the number of users grows so rapidly, our brand finds new people every day.

Clint O'Hanlon, Marketing Manager

KFC Jesmond is located near the Newcastle University and joined with PokitPal at the beginning of the year. We average around 45 redemptions per week and this has been a great way to introduce a new product for KFC.

Linda Wilcher – KFC, Newcastle

PokitPal surpassed our expectations and we are consistently seeing regular users. This usage has continued to grow and we are looking forward to PokitPal being part of our marketing for Freshers 2013.

Filthy McNasty's, Belfast

I can tell you that the redemption rate in our hotel is quite high. It is the highest redemption rate of any offer we have in our hotel, bar and restaurant respectively.

Kirral – Clarendon Hotel, Newcastle

Subway Belconnen joined with several other local stores in a promotion with PokitPal. It has been our more successful promotion so far. Several months later, we still get 80 redemptions per week. We have had between 50 to 100 pw since the promotion began.

Geoff Whitfield - Subway, Canberra

PokitPal has opened my business up to 1000’s of university students. A lot of these are customers new to the area, just beginning there university education. I have found we get 30 – 40 redemptions a week which in these uncertain times is an excellent result for my business.

Ashley Cale – Pizza Hut, Newcastle

PokitPal started off for us very well in Newtown, saw some big redemptions and a noted increase in sales. Kings Cross saw very little, less than a quarter of the Newtown redemptions, which we expected as Newtown has the far bigger student community.

Cliff Randerson – Burger Fuel Sydney

As Canberra’s No.1 Pizza restaurant Zeffirelli’s has partnered with PokitPal since the first edition in 2007. There is no doubt PokitPal is extremely popular with the students as we have recorded excellent weekly sales throughout the year, all contributing to an average weekly increase of 39.7% in turnover on Monday & Tuesday.

Joseph Pelle, Proprietor - Zeffirelli Pizza Restaurant, Canberra

PokitPal is working really well for us. It is bringing in a lot of students who would probably otherwise not come here or even hear about our pub. The word has spread through the students that they can get a pokitpal here and the cheap jugs have kept them coming!

Kat Marsden – Forest Lodge Hotel, Sydney

PokitPal surpassed our expectations in 2006 with total redemptions over 25,000. We exceeded that number by June this year, and on current growth patterns forecast total redemptions in excess of 60 000 by the end of 2007.

Justin Aitken, Proprietor - Bar Broadway, Sydney

PokitPal has certainly given a sales boost to our two participating stores. Since PokitPal began in February we have seen close to 45 redemptions per week on average across the two stores (who are both close to the Adelaide city universities). This is exceptional and a very targeted promotional tactic for the two franchisees. Importantly, I’m sure many of these redemptions are new customers who we haven’t been able to entice in the past.

Matt Emmerson – Wokinabox, Adelaide

PokitPal has been great for Guzman y Gomez. We’ve averaged close to 55 redemptions per week across our four Sydney area stores. Its been most impactful at our Newtown store.... which is close to the Sydney Uni Campus. There we’ve averaged close to 30 redemption per week for the past four months.

Robert Hazan – Guzman & Gomez, Sydney

I have found PokitPal to be a very good marketing tool. The students certainly use PokitPal and it has substantially increased our day trade with students returning not weekly but daily.

Charlie Fenton, Proprietor - The Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney

I remembered PokitPal from my backpacking days saving cash in Australia, so great to see them here! The student market has always been hard to consistently target and we are super pleased to be getting student bookings through PokitPal…thanks guys!

Alive Surf School, Northern Ireland

We found between the two shops we established a new customer base, both delivery and in the shop whilst increasing orders from existing clients.

Pizza Paradise, Belfast