Why Mobile Vouchers?

While Mobile vouchers are rapidly growing in Australia, America’s “why pay full price?” ethos has dominated for many years. Escalated through the digital revolution, Nielsen’s Mobile Wallet Report shows that 55% of smartphone users in the US use their phone for accessing mobile vouchers while shopping (Nielsen, 2016).

Digital loyalty and rewards are convenient and hassle free, allowing savings and rewards to be within arm’s reach at all times. PokitPal users maximise their dollar spend without cutting out, or carrying around a dirty, crumpled physical voucher.

After this, you can opt-in to our surveys as they’re sent out. There’s no pressure or expectation. We’ll notify you when there is a survey available (including what it’s about and what you’ll get paid) and while you’re waiting for the bus or eating your lunch, complete the survey and earn some cash.

PokitPal offers are always accessible so usage fits in to your everyday routine. Users eating, drinking, exercising or simply shopping, will save. Planning a night out? Feeling adventurous? PokitPal will look after you. Like those millions of people in America, PokitPal knows that life’s too short to pay full price.