From Humble Beginnings
Growth & Disruption, February 2018

From humble beginnings handing out discount booklets at universities to advising the big banks on mobile payments, PokitPal is set to disrupt the payment space in Australia.

“Back in 2006 there was no national discount platform for Australian students,” said PokitPal Founder Fraser Duddy. Fraser had completed a marketing degree at UTS and was travelling and working in the United Kingdom. While selling advertising for the Scotsman Newspaper, he saw how heavily students in the UK relied on discounts to eat, drink and socialise. Fraser soon returned to Australia with the idea of starting a national student discount platform. PokitPal soon had the student discount market sewn up with city-based booklets being delivered right across the country.

The company began its digital transformation in 2011 with the launch of its free mobile voucher app.

“Putting digital discounts in the hands of hundreds of thousands of students meant the doors to the big food, beverage and hospitality companies were suddenly swinging wide open. These organisations wanted to reach the elusive youth market but were finding it increasingly difficult to do so in an online environment,” Fraser said.

By 2016, PokitPal launched its mobile payments and loyalty platform, PokitMoney, in conjunction with Bendigo Bank. The debit card provides premium rewards and incentives to cardholders.

It was clear PokitPal needed to be taken to the next level in terms of both scale and investment. Gary Cobain joined the company in 2017 as CEO and 2018 is expected to be a life changer for PokitPal. Full Story

PokitPal comes 11th in Anthill Smart 100 Awards
Anthill, July 2013

Anthill Smart 100 awards recognise Australian, innovative providers who are changing the world, one idea at time.

PokitPal entered the competition on the back of great success with the PokitPal mobile voucher platform which connects businesses with consumers and communities. The platform delivers location aware content such as mobile vouchers, news, events and display advertising depending on user interests and interaction.

Communities such as universities, TAFEs, colleges and business groups also benefit from using the platform which increases engagement with their community members or employees. From an advertising point of view the platform allows businesses to target a large base of mobile app users who in turn deliver repeat sales and loyalty.

Judged independently by 100 maven judges, PokitPal was ranked 11th nationally out of hundreds of innovative businesses.

Criteria included whether the innovations is remarkable (ie would you talk about it with work friends, friends or family); does it achieve adoption amongst its target market and does it respond to a necessity or want. View competition results here.

Student discount app lures big brands
B&T, March 2013

Australia’s leading advertising and marketing company, B&T interview PokitPal on their success of signing up major national brands to their student discount app.

SumoSalad, AMF Bowling, Noodle Box, Dick Smith and Hungry Jack's join hundreds of other discount providers advertising with PokitPal to exclusively target students. PokitPal also licences their product to over 30 institutions in Australia and overseas where campus organisations can use the innovative app for community engagement by providing up to date information about campus life.

Since this article has been written PokitPal has added a wealth of additional brands to the voucher platform including Student Flights, Vodafone, General Pants Group, Taco Bill Restaurants, The Australian Government, Subway, Dare Coffee, The Iconic, Pizza Hut and Chatime. In addition to large brands enjoying the benefits of location aware mobile advertising, small to medium size businesses are joining the PokitPal mobile advertising platform. PokitPal are experiencing more local businesses turning to their digital solution as a more cost effective medium compared to the traditional local print options such as letterbox drops and leaflet hand outs. Read the full article here.

Australian app has unis in its pockets
Ulster Business Mag, September 2012

Ulster Business Magazine reports that Fraser Duddy, entrepreneur, has developed a diary and discount app used by more than 30 educational institutions across the globe.

Northern Ireland born, Fraser Duddy built the brand in Australia and has replicated the model for the UK allowing students to engage with the campus experience through the licensed diary and discount app.

The mobile vouchers available to students, ensure community engagement and offer local businesses loyalty and repeat sales.

PokitPal has been offering student discounts since 2006 and transitioned from print to mobile vouchers in 2011. More advertisers are realising that advertising on an app is much more cost effective than letterbox drops for local marketing. For universities and other communities the white label app provides real time communication and engagemnt with their community members, whilst managed PokitPal discounts provide excellent rewards and benefits to members. Read the full article here.

Student diary gains new degree of sophistication
The Australian, September 2012

The Australian interview Sydney UTS marketing and business graduate, Fraser Duddy on the digital app that is expanding the print diary market. The app combines both student diary information with location aware mobile student discounts.

Student organisations are moving in to digital spaces where they can connect with their students who are digital focused. Duddy has signed up 16 Australian universities, five TAFEs, two universities in New Zealand and five in Britain to licence his app model.

Today the white label community engagement app has been implemented at more than 30 education providers, accomodation groups and private organisations. The app provides a real win win for the community, users and local businesses. The benefits and rewards of the self managed vouchers enhance the communities offering to their members whilst local businesses are reaping the rewards of mobile users returning on a regular basis as loyal paying customers. Read the full article here.

UOW diary app woos new fans
Illawarra Mercury, February 2012

The Illawarra Mercury reports on the new University of Wollongong mobile phone app, launched by UniCentre at O’Week.

The app gives students the rare opportunity to manage all their daily events and activities, social and academic, online in one location.

Student response is positive to the app. Read the full article here.

Media company milks youth
AdNews, October 2008

Ad News reports on the merge of two media and marketing companies - PokitPal (a discount voucher booklet) and The Goodie Bag (a Sydney guide given to backpackers at hostels).

The goal is national expansion with PokitPal distributing to over 260,000 students in Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide and expanding in to Perth and Auckland the following year. Milk Media is set to use London as a launch pad for its international youth media network, with both PokitPal and The Goodie Bag launching in 2009.

Since this article PokitPal has continued to strengthen the connection between backpackers and students. As a similar demographic, both user groups provide excellent repeat sales and loyalty for PokitPal partners. Today PokitPal is distributed to more than 600,000 students and travellers in Australia. In the UK and New Zealand PokitPal's smartphone community engagement apps are licensed by universities, colleges and traveller groups to improve their connection with members. The mobile platform provides students and backpackers excellent savings on campus, at home or on their travels. Read the full article here.

Pocket-sized student deals
Catapult, Triple J (ABC Radio), October 2008

Triple J interview PokitPal's Fraser Duddy on his success. After noticing student discounts in the UK, Fraser decided to offer continually free discounts in Australia. Following market research, PokitPal was launched as a magnetic pocket sized booklet listing discounts that can be used again and again at local food, bar and retail joints.

Initially 130,000 PokitPal booklets were distributed, with plans to take PokitPal to Newcastle in 2007, followed by Melbourne, Brisbane, and then the rest of Australia. Read the full article here.

Life as a student
Reverb Magazine, March 2007

In 2007 Reverb Magazine on the Central Coast of NSW report the launch of PokitPal as a free student discount medium providing deals on the every day student essentials. By February 2008, PokitPal will be Australia’s largest circulated student discount medium with over 300,000 booklets.

Newcastle is one of the strongest cities for PokitPal with advertisers experiencing year on year sales growth from PokitPal. This growing success has been helped by the great support of local businesses, the University of Newcastle and the development of PokitPal smartphone vouchers. O Week at Newcastle University is an excellent event and PokitPal promotional staff are on campus every year to deliver the very best discounts for deal hungry students!

Today PokitPal discounts are distributed to more than 500,000 university students in Australian via print and mobile vouchers. Read the full article here.

The Mad Minute
MX News, July 2006

MX News article on how PokitPal provide discounts on every day student essentials to Sydney students.

PokitPal was inspired by a lack of discounts for students who will go the extra yards to save a buck or two. In 2007 a Newcastle and Central Coast edition of PokitPal will be released. Read the full article here.

New pal for hip pocket
The Australian, February 2006

Australian students are set to benefit from a product offering student discounts.

PokitPal will be giving out 130,000 student discount booklets in Sydney and hope to offer the product nationally. Booklets will be handed out in, or close to university campuses in Sydney.

The booklets offer a chance for local business to engage with the community by creating loyalty and repeat sales Read the full article here.